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Established in 2012, Petits Fruits St-Louis is an agrotourism farm specializing in the cultivation of organic haskap berries, the sale of frozen haskap and processed products. It’s also a pick-your-own farm! Our family business in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague has five varieties of haskap plants, for a total of over 8,200 plants! Weeding is proudly done entirely by hand.

Petits Fruits St-Louis has started to make its way into our customer’s hearts, especially in the region. We tend to encourage local trade, so you can find our products at La Petite Grange, La Fabrique Jösitö, Le Local du Gourmet and Canard et cie.

The Haskap

A surprising little berry that has a lot to offer

Have you heard about the haskap? This little berry that looks like an elongated blueberry and tastes like a mix of raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant? You can eat it fresh from the bush, or use it in a wide variety of recipes; make it a jam, use it in your muffins, drink it as a smoothie, sky’s the limit!

Come and try it out at our pick-your-own farm. It is an amazing product, rich in fibres and Vitamin A and C, as well as an excellent source of antioxidants.

Our haskaps are certified organic!

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A berry with a unique taste.
Enjoy and savour it!

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