Learn more on the haskap

Rich and complex; a taste to discover

Ask anyone who first tastes haskap to describe its slightly sweet and tangy taste and you will be surprised. The flavour is often associated with blueberries, blackcurrants and raspberries, but also rhubarb, plum or nectarine!

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The benefits of haskap berries

A fruit that has a lot to offer

The haskap has everything you need for a healthy diet, and it’s not just another tasty berry; it holds huge levels of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and other essential minerals.

You probably have already heard of “super fruits”, which are very rich in antioxidants and thus help protect our body and prevent several diseases. Well, haskap has a much higher antioxidant value than other “super fruits” such as blackcurrant, cranberry and wild blueberry.

The haskap berry is not prone to attacks by insects and diseases, which allows organic production without chemical additions, like ours.

How do you prepare it?

Fresh or transformed, frozen or dried; the possibilities are endless!

As a jam, coulis, dehydrated, or simply fresh from the bush, you can enjoy the haskap any way you want. Visit our Recipes section to get inspirations and easy recipes to enjoy it at any time of the year.

We have also partnered with several companies in the region who have developed surprising recipes from our berries. While Canard et cie makes rillettes and sausages, Fabrique Jösitö has paired it with ginger to create a popsicle. Choux-Crème has put them in their decadent donuts. At Deux grains au moulin, they make a delicious smoothie, and the Petite Grange uses it in several of its creations: pies, crisps, slushies and Christmas logs!

And to enjoy them all year round, we also sell frozen haskap; as soon as it is picked, we freeze it!