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Dried haskap

12.00 $

Through dehydration, water is gently removed, while retaining most of the nutrients, flavours and colour of the haskap. They contain no added oil, sugar or preservatives. Try them in your oatmeal, with cereals, mixed nuts, etc.

Format: 40 g

Haskap coulis

11.95 $

Perfect on ice cream or crepes, our coulis can be added to any recipes.
Why not mix it into your favourite drink; it goes well with gin and vodka, just saying…

Format: 250 ml

Haskap jam

9.95 $

Our all-time favourite jam! On a toast for breakfast or on cheese for a cozy brunch, it’s simply delicious, any time of day.

Format: 212 ml

Pear & haskap jam

9.95 $

A surprising mix of haskap berries and delicious ripe pears from our farm. Made with love for you to enjoy.

Format: 212 ml